Idea on heating water system... any advice?

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    Feb 16, 2010
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    So we were thinking of building an automatic water system for a row of coops that will be built... hopefully this summer [​IMG]

    55 gallon barrel, with PVC plumbing coming out at the middle and at the bottom. This is to make a closed loop system. The pipe at the middle of the barrel would go to the waterers (nipples in the pvc pipe) and then bend at the end, coming back towards the barrel and into the barrel at the bottom. Only the 55gallon barrel would be heated with a water heater (stock tank heater).

    The reason for such a system is because electricity is limited near the coop area so having enough water heaters for each of the coops individually is not an option.

    Questions... anyone know if this will actually work? The hope is to get a thermally driven slow but constant moving water system to continuously cycle back towards the heated tank. How far out can the pipe go before this no longer works? Would it be better to put the nipples on the lower pipe, and have the upper pipe going downhill to encourage the cooling water to keep flowing?

    Photos of any current set ups greatly appreciated!

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