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  1. Just an FYI (this is partially my fault, too)....

    Last year, I ordered 1 dozen Standard Sultan Hatching eggs from Ideal. I received 1 dozen all in good shape. I incubated them & got three to hatch. However, one chick had it's legs on backwards??? and died without ever really living...the other two made it adult chickenhood. I housed them with my brahmas (BIG Brahmas) and I was always told that Sultans are a light breed--so the smaller size wasn't a shock, especially compared to my brahmas.

    Long story short, it wasn't until recently that I found out my Sultans were BANTAMS & NOT IDEAL sent me bantams by mistake. I was a little slow in realizing this because I was new to chickens and unaware of the size thing. It was only when I weighed my hen that I saw she was under 2lbs--not the 4lb weight that I grew suspicious. I've since lost both of those birds....but recently got more eggs from someone on BYC.

    I contacted IDEAL, but haven't heard anything back...
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  2. So they contacted me back & they are crediting my credit card for the FULL amount--no questions asked!
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    Now that is some good customer service! Retrospective money back after a whole year! One way to get life time customers for sure.
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    I just LOVE ideal. They are great. [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Yeah, NO KIDDING! Unfortunately, the CC I had my original order on--I paid off & closed the account. So she asked if I wanted to call in a NEW CC for them to issue the refund to, or if I wanted a check...

    So I then asked if I could get a code or something so that I could order some more eggs from them...

    Her response--What kind of eggs do you want?


    So now I'm thinking....what do I want??? [​IMG]
  6. Quote:Yeah, I'm definitely hooked, now! [​IMG]
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    oooh! Eggciting! Good luck picking! I would want them all! [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG] I now my issue is--do I settle on a breed I already have--to get new bloodlines from? OR do I go for a breed that I want or have wanted? Like Sumatras or Faverolles? I have 15 Favs in the 'bator already....
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    Well, when you say new bloodlines I don't think most people would want Hatchery chickens in their show stock bloodlines, but not sure on your situation. I would Say go for the ones you have wanted! So you can have a new exciting adventure with a new breed! [​IMG]
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    You could always try some new exciting breed or color that not many people have like the solid red polish.

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