Ideal babies shipped today!!!


14 Years
Jul 17, 2008
DC Region
I've done this a half dozen times! Why do I still FREAK out? I know they'll get here, they're from Ideal I know they'll be healthy... ugh.. I hate waiting.

They're birchen bantam cochins for my project... sigh....

Waiting sucks.
I know what you mean. Mine shipped today too. I can't wait to get them. I also hope I don't get too many packing peanuts as I have no idea what to do with them.
Did they email you and let you know they had shipped, or is it just that you 'knew' when they were coming?

I've got some coming this week, and I believe they are supposed to be shipped tomorrow, but I don't have the email anymore saying when they are coming!

So now I'm kind of freaking, thinking that I'm wrong and they are due to arrive tomorrow
They don't only ship on Mondays, right?
Hey, what gives??????

I tried to order chicks from four different hatcheries, and they all said NO!
Beautiful weather, why no chickies?
Mine shipped yesterday/today (it's so hard to tell from their emails! "Your Order Has Shipped" and it has the next day's date on it). 25 tiny bantam Ameraucanas.

*waits by the phone for the call from the Post Office*
Oh, so they do send an email then? I haven't gotten one. I'm pretty sure they said the 7th was when mine would be ready, so they should go out today.
Hopefully I'll get an email soon!
When I got the email the last time, it was late in the day. Then the chicks arrived 2 days later. It was late in the day this time too, so I expect tomorrow.

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