Ideal Surpise Pullets

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by winknfox, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. winknfox

    winknfox Out Of The Brooder

    Jan 26, 2012
    I decided to order the surpise pullet special from Ideal Poultry. We should have our chicks this Friday. Has anyone ordered this and if so, what breeds did you get? I know ours won't be the same, but I would love to hear what everyone received. I am sure I will be posting pics next week for identification :)
  2. Oregon Blues

    Oregon Blues Overrun With Chickens

    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    You can look at the list of breeds they sell and it is pretty certain that whatever you get will come from that list.

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