Ideas for a bantam duck pen.... HELP NEEDED!

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    im getting 3 bantam silkie ducklings in mid march, but i need ideas for a bantam pen and FAST! i dont want them with the big ducks or nasty things will happen. it would be like H~E~L~L for them if they are with the big guys. so any ideas? i already have my coop idea, but like what would should i do for the run? covered run? no covered run? how big? thanks in advance (HINT HINT: I LOVE PICS!)
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    Who's set up had the swimming pans set into the floor of a raised hutch style coop of hardware cloth? THAT is cool and secure looking.

    You definitely want something covered and secure, their size makes them more readily grabbed by predators. Course I say that after a full sized 7 pound hen was taken down by a little hawk... she was literally scared to death, barely a scratch on her.

    From my understanding they won't be able to fly from danger.
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    Quote:Our Call ducks are set up in this style pen. Love them, easy to tend, easy to clean, secure.

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