ideas for a gate in electric poultry netting

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    Due to a bear prowling around I have surrounded my already pretty secure coop and run with premier electric netting. So far I've had to get in and out of this by moving one side of the netting which can (and has) led to me getting shocked. So I would like to install some kind of permanent gate that I can open and close without having to move the net but which is electrified, nevertheless.

    So here's what I am thinking but maybe there are better /ready made solutions for this. Please educate me!

    I thought of building a wooden gate that had wire running across it at three places - top, halfway and bottom. The wire would be insulated from the wood of the gate by insulators and then connected with the electronetting to achieve a currant.The whole gate would also have 1/2 hardware cloth at the inside of the gate. (so the electric wire is on the outside, the HC is on the inside. The netting would be secured to the wooden 4x4 posts by tying them on with string, or if that is not sturdy enough, with pipe clamps.

    Does something like this exist (maybe made of metal or pvc) to be used with the netting. I'd rather buy something ready made as I am swamped with projects already, I can't imagine that I am the only one with this need.

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    Did you ever get solutions to this? Am in the same boat and would love a DIY solution.
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