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Jan 20, 2020
Southeastern PA
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My Coop
Hello Friends!

I'm looking to add some additional hiding places for my chickens, both in the run and also when out free-ranging. They have some shrubs to hide under, but I feel like they need more. The easier, more practical the better. If you have photos of things you've used or made, please post. Thanks!
I find patio furniture works well. Some of mine is still in use and some is falling apart and really only good for chickens - but both work well as hiding places.
I also went to Habitat for Humanity Restore and picked up a collection of chairs for about $10. So far they are in use in the covered run so more about hiding from each other (I am integrating babies) but with a coat of paint they will do nicely outside to hide from hawks also.
A little more involved, but I like wooden pallets. Cut one in half (either direction), make an "A" frame like a tent with the two pieces, connect the pieces together at the apex on either end (strips of wood, etc) and you have a sturdy "tent". I cover mine with leftover vinyl screen that I staple onto the outsides for more shade.

I've also used 3 whole pallets to make a square tunnel, somewhat like a table. Two pallets parallel to each other, topped by the third pallet. Sometimes you have to remove some of the wood slats to either make lighter weight or get them to fit, depending upon size variations of pallets. Connecting them together is the hardest part (screws, brackets, extra wood pieces, etc.). Again, cover with suncloth or leftover vinyl (not aluminum) patio screen.

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