Idel hatchery Users!I need Help please.


12 Years
Dec 13, 2007
Ok i am going to order about 14 chicks from Ideal and How Many Packing Peanuts do you think they will send?And Also if I order Today and the date on the site says "Limited Availability" 4/9/08 will I get my chicks on that day or later or will I get them before that time.Sorry If it confusing but I have a break the 5-13 of april and i would like to have them Arrive during that time.So Any help!Thanks!
They package according to the weather. There's really no way to predict how many "peanuts" you're going to get.
Yep, probably depends on what they have and the weather to how many peanuts you'll be getting. Might not be getting any. As for ship date, you'll have to put your list together and they will tell you later when your expected ship date will be.
Ok.Because i don't mind having Peanuts with my shipment.If I don't like them I can sell them.But I couldn't since they are too cute.
There not always "up to date" on there availabilty but if you order and put in the comment box that you would like them shipped when they are all available, the wait 1-2 days and call them they will tell you when they can be shipped out. Or you can simply call them and ask when all are availble that you would like to order.

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