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Aug 14, 2019
Hey y’all trying to identify the breeds and if anyone can tell if I’ve got males or females.

Thanks in advance.


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Better shots of that one. I’m really not sure what’s going on with this ones feather growth haha. Hot mess.


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1-4 pics i think are hens, not sure of breeds. 5th pic is a frizzle unsure of gender. 6th pic looks to be a barred rock female. 7th may be a silver laced cochin, again unsure of gender. Could you snap some more pics of the tails and combs? I’m not sure the breed or gender of the last one
Lol! It looks like you got a cockerel there! A frizzle at that!

Oh no! Lol. I love the frizzle haha. Out of the 6 that one is my favorite haha. Super nice demeanor. Loves to be held and pet. Bold personality the other ones follow its lead so when that pecks food from my hand it usually leads the others into it. It was also the first one that would run up to me and let me hold it.

Ugh. I’m sad it likely is a male though. I’m still going to keep it likely just because I don’t have a cockerel in my flock. I’ve been pretty lucky. 16 birds and only 1 potential is a cockerel.

The photos of the frizzle chickens are hilarious. Love it!
Beautiful chickens! The 1st looks like an Easter Egger hen. 6th looks like a Barred Rock hen. Not sure of the others, but you do have a frizzle, maybe a Cochin?
#1 looks like an Easter egger pullet.
#2 also looks like a pullet, but not sure of breed. Perhaps EE, or Faverolle?
#3 is a Frizzle cockerel.
#4 I can't quite tell; can you get a better picture of the comb? It could be a barred rock, but looks a little too dark. Other options are a Cuckoo Maran or a Dominique (which has a rose comb).
#5 not sure about the breed, but is a cockerel.
#6 also can't tell the breed, but is probably a pullet.

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