If I want a white silkie... (genetics)

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Aug 10, 2008
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Ok, so I currently have (all silkies):
black, blue, splash

Based on the black, blue and splash, do I have ANY chance of getting any white babies? Would I HAVE to breed them with a white roo? Would a splash roo work?

I just sold my last roo and will likely be getting a new roo this weekend.

I would LOVE to have some white silkies, (currently have eggs in bator) but can I ONLY get them from breeding a white to a white?

I had a white roo with a buff hen and a splash hen and out of 19 babies NONE were white. I got splash, splash partridge (that's what they look like as chicks) and black ones.

So, when I go get my new roo, is my only luck of getting white babies to have a white female and male?

If I have a white hen, and I breed her to a splash rooster, any chance of white babies?

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Jun 14, 2008
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No you will not get any whites from blue, black, splash breeding and if you do, they will be accidents and may never breed true again.

White is a cover, and it takes two white genes to have a white bird. White covers up every other color, which is why when you cross a white with anything else, you get all kind of "mutt" colors.

In order to have a white bird, you have to breed a white to a white so that the resulting offspring gets two white genes.

I would also suggest that you separate your colors and stop the cross proliferation. By allowing different varieties to breed, you are really messing up your genetics and none of your birds will ever breed true again.

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