If large end has to up during incubation, what about an oval egg?

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    I had a shipment of eggs delivered to me Sat. I noticed that one of the eggs is completely oval shaped. I examined it and couldn't notice a difference in what end was larger, so I just put it in the incubator. After reading, I have seen that those ones should be thrown away, then I saw that an oval egg meant it was a male? also that they were infertile? I am new to this, my first hatch so Im confused once again. It seems like I am always searching for answers that never end...[​IMG] I don't want it to blow up like people said either. If I wait 7 days, I should be able to tell if there is something in there right? I am hatching silkie eggs, so they are not really dark in color. Thanks!!!
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    OK, a breeder just showed me this. He took one of those oval e g g s and held up a flashlight to it to see where the air sac was, marked it lightly with a pencil and said to incubate with that side up.

    Also, I have heard the opposite of you. I believed the the oval e g g s were supposed to be girls? and the pointier ones, boys. I've never done an experiment though!

    I wouldn't throw that e g g out though....just in case it's a girl! [​IMG]
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    Shape has no bearing on the sex of the c h i c k. The rooster's sperm determines the sex. If the e g g is fertilized with a sperm that has a "X" chromosome, the it will be a hen. If it is fertilized with a sperm win a "Y" chromosome, then it is a roo.

    I would candle them and mark when end shows the air cell and incubate them as usual.
  4. Smokin Silkies

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    Im sorry I should have been more precise on my description.... [​IMG]
    The egg is pointy at both ends not really rounded like the big end of an egg. I thought this would be 'oval'? Its already been in the incubator since Saturday night. So should I check now for air sac, or just let it go in the position its in now? I have an LG, still air, with automatic egg turner. thanks:D
  5. Smokin Silkies

    Smokin Silkies formerly browneyebuttafly

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    Hmmmm, when I wrote my last comment I used the word e gg and it automatically changed that word into rooster? An e gg is called a rooster?
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    The BYC gods are having a bit of a fooly on us. So e gg is rooster today.

    I have an oval double yolker. So it's on it's side.

    I think flashlighting it if you're unsure and marking it makes the most sense.

    If you could sex chicks by e gg shape the industry would long ago have figured that out, ain't true.

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