If looks could kill...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Matt A NC, Jan 4, 2010.

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    ...I would be stone cold DEAD. I just got back in from checking on the birds. Everytime I opened a house I had bird eyes drilling holes right through me. [​IMG] One it is dark and I had a flashlight and two, I was letting heat out.

    With it being so cold some are doubled up in houses. The 8 Dutch are sleeping with the other 10 Freerange bantams and Mom's 2 new OEGBs are in there too. The 7 'teenage' ameraucanas are in the henhouse. Since this is not their normal sleeping arrangements, I have to make sure someone didn't get pushed off a roost. I don't want anyone sleeping on the ground alone. I also check on my mutt bantams. Caramel, in particular, has a tendency to move off alone on the opposite side from the others. I had to move her back tonight.

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    Quote:I would be also. We moved our 3 buffs and the he/she? buff to the mixed coop because I was worried about the temps dropping over the next few days. We brought the buff roo in and he's in a crate in the bathroom. I also combined my rabbit pairs so they can snuggle and keep warm. The things we do for our littles, lol [​IMG]
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