If not an A Fram "Ark" What then for something moveable but secure? (for 8)

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    I have had chickens for several years. We have a large coop and run area that they stay in. Due to predators and neighbors.. they cannot wander the yard.

    I really want to construct something that will allow me to move it around our property on a daily basis.. that they could also overnight in during the warm summer months.

    I have looked at all the photos on this site for Tractors.. and also photos on Katy's site and more.. At first I thought an A frame.. but then read in a few places that it won't keep 8 chickens (1 is a bantam) comfortably..

    What about an A frame run attached to a boxy small coop/house and the whole thing on wheels? BIG bike wheels?

    Has anyone made anything that moves fairly easily over uneven ground that will fit 8 chickens comfortably?
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    Jul 24, 2011
    I found an old small trailor that was bout to be trashed. The axles were good so were the wheels and tires. Just built my coop on the old trailor frame, put a ball on my 4-wheeler, now tow it anywhere. A frend gave me the old trailor, you might find one around if you look. If you have plenty of money, just go the the TSC and get a new trailor and build on it.
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    Does it sit flat on the ground so they can get at the grass? Can you post a picture? :)
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    Feb 18, 2012
    I use movable runs in my garden. They are easy to build and when I built these last year cost less than $5.00 each.
    Each piece of run is 5'x5'x2' high and they butt up to each other to make runs of any length you want. Each run piece weighs about 45 lb. and you fold up the predator guards and pick it up and move them. I put flat round paving block at each junction to hold the guards down.
    When fully set up they look like this. I also have a movable coop too. Large unit in the back.
    They are made of 2"x4"x60" 12.5 gage galvanized welded wire fencing. My gardens in sloping , but these sit very well on uneven ground.
    A 100' roll of fencing will make a 50'x5' run or 250 sq. ft of space. The ground is open to the chickens and I let the chicken take care of garden beds that I want to get ready for planting, while still keeping them out of beds that are already planted. The width of the run are determined by the width of the fencing, so smaller widths will made smaller width runs. I use 5' fencing since my beds are 4' wide.
    More photos here

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