If your husband came home with this.....


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Feb 10, 2008
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would you start worrying about him? So Steve went to the Chevy dealer to see about getting a new truck and this is what he brought home:


Does this look like a truck to you? hmmmm I wonder how he is going to get the 2 tons of feed into the new "truck"?


I don't think the trunk is big enough nor the backseat. What do you think..... mid-life crisis, second childhood or my favorite, man melt down?

I guess you are seeing Steve in a whole new light about now.........I wonder how many turkeys he can get into the backseat?

Ha ha ha! I can identify! I like "man melt down".

My DH said for a long time he wanted to get my name tattoo'd on his arm. I figured, whatever, it's his body & his choice. Sooo, anyway, he came home with a "GTO" tattoo:gig

But since he got it, he sold the GTO...
Wanting to have a little fun and getting a spicey red sports car doesn't mean male mid life crisis, which I don't beleive in at all. But that sure is a big swing from a truck. My suggestion to him would be get a nice bad a33 truck with more power than you need in a spicey red
then he can burn rubber with a load of feed in the bed.

If my husband came home with that Id be really worried...

I reckon Steve fell victim to a good salesman, one who knew how to pluck the right "man strings."
He could be just trying it out for a few days... but figger the odds. Most guys know you can get a decent farm truck for $1500. But it 'aint everyday you get the thrill of driving a new Camaro?

And this could work in your favor, you know. Let him know you approve and how 'studly' he looks in it; how it really gets you well... amorously inclined, shall we say? You might be able to ride that wagon a long ways.
that car sure pretty tough and bright (brave) in color.

unfortunately that car won't fit in my country, since we always got flood in city and that's nightmare for those who drive *short* car.

by the way, this is my first time I heard chevy word, I notice the logo in front of the car is chevrolet, maybe easier to say, then, how did people in US call toyota, mitsubishi, honda and daihatsu? toty, mitsy, hody, and daisy?
I'm just curious. pardon me for any wrong or considered rude word.

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