ill chick help please

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  1. devilfishsix

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    Jun 17, 2008
    my chick had like matting round its mouth and eyes where closed he has some laboured breathing and is half the size of his twin {brother/ sister} and doesnt seem to want to feed or drink its mother has abandoned him/her and are now trying to rear by hand please help:(
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    I'll move this to emergencies diseases and cures.

    More information would be useful.

    Age, bedding type, how long/why it was abandoned, temperature and so on
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    Jan 11, 2007
    more info needed. for the moment you MUST get his body temp back up to normal, THEN give some (warm) water with electrolytes in it (you can get this at feed store... if you do not have at home then pedialyte or even gatorade diluted 50/50 will do until you can get proper electrolytes). >dribble a wee bit at a time along its beak if unable to drink
    you must ensure the bird does not become dehydrated. Make the feed a mush by adding the electrolyte water to it and dribble that along beak too ensuring that it swallows on own (so do not give a large amount into beak at once or it will go down the hole that leads to lungs instead of crop)
    You can alos give three drops of polyvisol enfamil formulation (liquid childrens A-B-D vitamins) once a day for a week then taper off the next.
    What meds do you have? For respiratory ailments TYLAN soluable is most often the recommended med. (IMPORTANT> do not add anything else to the water if you are medicating it with an antibiotic)
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