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    Aug 29, 2010
    If anyone has suggestions or can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have a easter egger hen who went ill seemingly overnight. On Friday sept 17th she came out of the tractor with spunk but then stood there with her eyes closed. She was very lethargic and would close her eyes on Friday and that Saturday. She has stopped closing her eyes, and follows the other three birds around, but is still not well. She has shown little to no interest in any food since that Friday. I have tried to tempt with many treats, but she will eat very little if any. I check her crop and it is always empty or has very little matter. It has been nearly a week now. Her poos are small and have ranged back and fourth from watery, to normal looking(but very small), and one today was very pasty and yellow.

    I am concerned that our other birds are showing some signs. They are much more spunky and eating overall. My head wyandotte hens poos have changed. Yesterday and today there was a tiny bit of reddish jelly in one of her poos. She is still laying normally so far.

    I was also concerned that they may have something respiratory. There are sneezes, and three have had a damp nose on and off. The liquid is clear. There is no wheezing or gurgling, or excessive head shaking.

    I am having difficulty finding a vet that will treat poultry, or knows about poultry. Yesterday (Wednesday) I was finally able to find a vet that would talk to me over the phone about it. They prescribed Doxycycline tabs 100mg. They were crushed and they had me add them to their drinking water, for them to drink for 5 days. I also got Panacur Suspension/CC to add to their water after the doxycycline treatment. The Doxycycline was added to their water yesterday. Anyone who could suggest a ver in the St. Louis region, or Madison county IL I would appreciate it.

    I am really starting to worry today. The hen that is the most ill still is not showing much interest in food. Yesterday and today she has started to loose feathers. She is still moves and follows the other chickens, but is not as spunky. Is this part of molting, or due to her condition going down hill?

    This was my post which goes into further detail I posted the other day.

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