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    Quote:I remember '78! I was 11 and thought the blizzard was great! I'm less pleased with snow in my old age.... [​IMG]
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    Nov 26, 2008
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    Winter of '78/79 was a good one. Very similar to last year's snow, except 78/79 had more ice. Now there was a late blizzard in the early 70's where I remember finding Easter eggs in 1'-2' of snow!

    I was born down south in 1960 and moved to the eastern IA area in 1969. I lived in eastern NC for 4-5 years in the early 90's. The thing I missed the most was SNOW! It snowed once when we lived there. I took the day off work (of course the schools were called off) and my children (aged 6 & under) and I played in the snow ... until it melted ... around 11:00 a.m.
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    Dec 30, 2011
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    Mid 50's the next couple days central illinois, theres surely a catch....i'm sure we'll pay for this! btw I noticed our fruit trees are really starting to bud out...yikes.
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    Quote:I just told someone at the store yesterday we would pay for this nice stretch in Feb. March can be brutal in Illinois too.
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    Well I hope the nay sayers, woe-is-me-ers, and thr farmer's almanac are all wrong! However I must say we are having a banner year for coyotes!
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    Coyotes are getting out of hand around here!!! So far the hot-wire fence has been keeping them out but its about time to start looking at them through the cross hairs. [​IMG]
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    The deer hunters out here use the coyotes to stay fine tuned during the rest of the year. I hear them occasionally but none are brave enough to come too least not when the chickens are out during the daytime. I am loving this weird winter but am not kidding myself into thinking it won't get worse before spring gets here!
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    Nov 24, 2011
    hello illinois from quad city area!
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    Hello Jamie! Welcome!

    Oh yeah, predators are all out this winter. Squirrels in the city are getting more and more bolder. I know its going to be H*** to pay when we are enjoying our warm weather right now. Even my girls are loving it! IP companies are having a fit about us using less heat because it has been milder than usual. I know, I just know that we will be slammed for another one. Only a matter of time. Yeah I said that in the last two years we are going to get it! Well, nothing happened.

    I don't know how reliable is the Farmer's Alamanac but it makes good reading!

    Can deer hunters take out coyotes while they are hunting deer? Two for one or nip one while you are at it kind of thing.
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    jamie.williamson34 :

    hello illinois from quad city area!​

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