Illness? Please Help!


Jul 1, 2015
Tonight 5/8 of my hens were laying on the ground on their sides with their feet curled up and looked as if they were in the fetal position. I got 3 of them to stand up and shake the dust off and they began milling around the coop. It is well after dark and the 3 that werent doing this odd ritual were roosting like the others normally do. I have a heat light on and during the night some will jump down but this is nothing like i've ever seen. I am extremely scared for these chickens. The 2 that didn't perk up are my 2 very very skiddish ones and they never let me touch them. I was patting and stroking them and they still stayed put. They also were digging up at the bedding. I have no idea what these strange behaviors are but i am scared. Yesterday and today I got my first eggs. Does this have anything to do with that? PLease Help! Thanks!

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