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    Apr 12, 2007
    I had a 4 year old broody hen. Since I don't have any boys in the flock I decided to make her happy and I let her adopt (unbenounced to her) 3 babies chicks. We put them in the nesting box with her one night and she woke up a proud momma. That was about a week and a half ago. Today it started pouring down rain, so being the over protective person that I am I took the 3 chicks out and brought them inside to a little brooder. In the mean time, I went to Lowes and picked up some sod to put down in the pen so it wouldn't become a mud pit, again. Now I'm worried if I'm going to be able to put the babies back with momma and the flock. It's supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow. I don't want to raise them myself, but I don't know if I can put them back after taking them away this morning. Experienced chicken lovers, please offer me suggestions on if and/or how I can reintroduce them to momma.
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    Give them back; the hen would not have forgotten them so soon.
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    Put them back ASAP.

    do they have a dry place such as a coop? If so, momma will take care of them. Spring is the time they're meant to have babies, rain and all. Momma keeps them cozy and dry, and they'll love looking for worms after the rain is gone [​IMG]

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