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Not sure if I have empty nest syndrome or what but I need something else to fill my time. I was checking into rabbits but when I read that they don't take to the heat well, that took them out of the running. I would have to put them down in the chicken house or the barn and I think it would be hot and humid during the summer. Really want something inexpensive to start out with to raise and take care of. ANY ONE have any suggestions? Thought about goats but not sure what kind. I really need someone to offer a good suggestion. THANKS!
You want something that need a lot of attention and will fill your time, get yourself a large parrot. An Amazon Gray or Macaw or Cockatoo. They require a lot of time and require a close bond with their owner!

oops, just read the inexpensive part. Not a parrot, then.

Have you tried the sister sight? I think its like backyardherds.com
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Something inexpensive to keep you occupied, not sensitive to heat.

I can't think of any animal that isn't sensitive to heat in one form or another. I don't think goats, even small ones, are free of that.

If you're doing well with chickens, how about some other breeds of chicken? How about turkeys? Guinea hens? Ducks?

A friend of mine was suffering from empty nest, and got herself a beautiful purebred cat. It's a house cat - she spends a lot of time grooming it and really enjoys it. I think it's a British Shorthair - she sent me pics a long time ago. It's a gorgeous greyish-blue color with creamy colored patches. It looks like a painting, LOL. Incredible. And because the color of the eyes isn't right for the show requirements, she didn't pay the usual price for the cat, either. All around it worked out very well. She said the cat is so affectionate and is always ready to be petted.

I've known a few other people who have taken older neutered show cats for free. They can make wonderful companions. They get a lot of handling and training so are very nice to be with, and are absolutely beautiful.
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My 3 go through about a 50 pound bag of food every 2 months. I get 3 eggs a day from them. Plus added cost to my water bill to keep their pool somewhat clean and hose off the deck each morning and their house.
what about a pet rat? They are fun very personable critters. You could clicker train it to do all sorts of tricks. They are very personable and smart (think tiny tiny dogs)

They come in many colors and varieties, you could get a curly haired one(rex) a hairless one, one with big ears, one with no tail and any combination of those traits.

They are reasonable to buy, even the rarer varieties from good breeders rarely cost more than $20. You could, with a little talent and materials, make your own cage

Their food is inexpensive and they don't eat alot. with poper care they don't have much of an odor!

They are alla round GREAT little critters!

NO Rats. Sorry. I have cats that would kill it in a flash. They get the moles or voles or whatever it is out here in the yard. My little chihuahua is already jealous of the cats and the chicks I have. I think 40 chickens total is enough although I do have 7 eggs in the incubator. Haven't checked them to see if they are all good or not. Might just let them go and see what happens. Today is day 7.

I have checked a little on the Nubian goats and the Angora. Would like some I think. I need to do more research on them and all that is involved.
I was going to do rabbits since they don't take up much space but not sure how they would do during the summer in the really humid days.

The ducks might not be bad either but I would have to build something to hold them in since most of the chicken house is inside pens for the chickens. Mom and dad used to have ducks and I loved to sit and watch them in the water. Not sure how they would be in with the chickens though. Just thought about that. I could let them out of the pen and into their own little water park.
Still have a lot of thinking to do and checking to see what would fit for me and what the hubby would let me have. He is the one who suggested the goats and I have been watching the videos of the goats having their kids. Guess since I helped an egg bound chicken I could help with a goat birthing IF I had to.

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions and all but one will be considered. (the rat) Sorry about that! LOL THANKS AGAIN and if anyone has any more suggestions keep them coming.
I soo miss my pet rats! They were the best. I often threaten the dogs that they CAN be replaced. The only problem with the fancy rats is that they don't live long enough!


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