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......I'm wondering what items I can give to my chickens.

So, I keep a 5 gallon bucket to put veggie trimmings in and each evening I empty it into my chicken run. The chickens love to see me coming their way with that blue bucket. So, while cleaning out my refrigerator I start wondering if I can empty these out dated items like pickles, olives, sauerkraut, salsa, etc. into my chicken bucket. What do y'all think? Anybody ever done this?
Well, kinda too late to worry about salt this time. They ate the tomatoes and salsa first, then picked out the sauerkraut and the hamburger pickle chips next, they then started in on the olives and pepperoncini peppers last. This morning I couldn't find any traces left in the run.
I'm in agreement with aart on this. While some leftovers are fine, it's a general rule of thumb to keep table scraps and treats to under 10% of the food you feed your flock. Their feed is specially formulated to provide balanced nutrition.
We throw everything out within reason. They either eat it or they don't and it becomes part of the litter.
I give them just about everything that comes out of the fridge, freezer and pantry. All organic matter is repurposed as compost material potential so it stays out of the landfill. Most food does eventuality get eaten. Do they sometimes eat too much? Absolutely but i always have too many eggs and my hens live a long productive life. Lingering lessons i learned from my grandparents. Waste not.
It would be bad for me, and probably you, to have a meal made of sauerkraut, pickles, olives, and peperoncini and salsa. Also onions and garlic are not good for them. But the salt content! Yikes! Blood pressure spike, anyone?

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