Im getting battery hens!


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Well there is some type of chicken farm going out of buisness near here in MA.There are about 16,000 chickens there and they are offering them for free,free bird and free shipping.They are brown egg layers and are about 2 years old.I was planning on getting baby chicks but I have decided against it.I think getting 3 poor hens destined for the pot pie is better.I also wont have to go through all brooding and raising of the chicks.So how long should I quarintine them?Ill give them an extra big run all to themselves so they can stretch there legs out.Im probably only gonna get 3 becouse thats the most I can have at the moment with my other chickens.
Good for you!

I'd say quarantine for at least 30 days.
just trying to pass the word around
. have attached the flyer I've been circulating for the Hen Rescue... please pass this around

I am keeping in contact with Owen from The Farm Sanctuary in NY. This is a 10 state rescue mission so far... we have 875 hens spoken for MA so far... most are backyard farms taking anywhere from 5 hens to 40 hens... I have a few larger organic farms interested in a few hundred each but at least they will be free ranging and happy chickens not destined for someone's dinner.

The flyer has most of the information... I checked with Owen just last week about details on health papers, transportation, and delivery...

Owen has assured me that the Humane League of Philadelphia will do the transport and there will be no charge to those receiving the birds...

(We will have to coordinate delivery as it gets closer to the facility closing... which is scheduled for May) but with 10 states to deliver to I don't know exactly when we will see them... I would keep all interested parties up on the details as they develop...

Health Certificates are provided at no charge for those receiving birds....

I have been laying the ground work for the birds to enter MA... the state was very happy to hear they are in a NPIP program.... coming along with health certificates... the delivery will be an important detail... they must go straight to the farm they will call home... no stop overs at anyone else's farm... once arriving at their new home - if the farm wants to be NPIP again... the state will have to come town to re-test but I have heard this is free also....

SO important is.... a backyard farm who will love and enjoy them... (we don't know the breed other than brown egg layers) - these are NOT to be used for meat... as the flyer states - the farmer will spare their lives if homes can be found.... I don't want to take them from one frying pan to put them in another....

SO...if you can find interested folks... have them contact me with complete contact info... (including address) and how many birds they feel they can house adequately (I send the updated count in every few weeks) so that when I need to begin working on delivery... I won't have to contact everyone on my list...

If I left out anything... please email back with questions... If I don't know the answer I will get it for you.... (out of state interests call Owen directly - his # is on the flyer)

Thank you in advance for your help,

Michelle Rogers
Promising Hope Animal Sanctuary
Middleboro, MA
wait are they organic hens because if they are i know someone who could possibly take alot of them
also you said that they will ship them free???

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