im in love and some harsh comments from across the pond

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by quackinhuggable, Jun 3, 2012.

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    May 23, 2012
    well i got my first 2 aylesbury ducks yesterday,4 weeks old totally adorable! my 15 month old girl loves them already she likes them nibbling her toes lol. they seem to have settled in more today after indoor baths and we put their crate in the kitchen so they could get used to our voice ec today and it seems to have worked they are following us around already.
    some comments ive got from owners over here in blighty are a bit harsh and condesending though.i mean i know im new to it all but im not totally stupid.i ask a question and get some comments back like well of course they are ducks or things like that its really annoying me. i ave decided that when my ducks come in doors i want them to be diapered as like i said i have a young daughter and dont really want her picking up poo etc i mentioned this on the page over here and got so many nasty comments of how cruel i am and how un-nessecary it is and what am i thinking if i wasnt prepared to clean poo i shouldnt have got ducks!i have a dog and clean up after that to and trust me those are way bigger poos!! i mean is it really cruel? hey say duck live outside and its mistreating them to have them indoors and diaper them but the ones ive seen seem pretty happy and if that was the case we shouldnt have budgies in cages or dogs kept alone or indoors?!?
    sorry for the ran but is it only me who found this?
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    Aug 31, 2009
    Animal lovers are a very opinionated, passionate lot (I include myself in this category). Many of us are very experienced with some things that relate to our pets (I am not necessarily just referring to ducks here, I have several species of animals that I consider myself to be extremely knowledgeable about and sometimes I get a bit hot under the collar if I hear of or see someone doing something I honestly feel is wrong and possibly harmful to the animal .) And if we see or hear something that seems off to us, we can come across kind of nasty. That, plus the written word lacks tone and inflection so things that are not really meant to be mean, can come off that way.
    Personally, I don't get the indoor duck thing. I, too, believe that it really is not fair to keep them indoors. Just my opinion. I think they belong outside unless they are dealing with a handicap that makes living indoors more safe for them.
    Anyway, hope this helps a little.
  3. My ex SIL had ducks indoors. She actually had them trained to go potty in only one area when they were in the house, and they actually did! They are not stupid creatures, and if you are creative, you can train them to do it in litter areas. I don't think there is a problem with a duck diaper while they are in the human house. I personally wouldn't want ducks in my house... But thats just me. I would have a chicken in the house though... HEHE. I think its the water thing. I'd be afraid of finding a duck in the loo! But people do it all the time. There isnt anything wrong with it. Not any different than pet birds ect... Heck there are people who have huge indoor aviaries. Maybe that is something you could do? Have an duck area...

    Anyway, do what you want that makes you happy. Thats whats important anyway.
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    Jun 13, 2011
    I'll tell you something,,if I were on my own and was living in an apartment or something,I would TOTALLY have a duck (or 2) in my place!!! I've seen many people do this,and if it suits you and your lifestyle,go for it! But I have my ducks/chickens/rabbits outside now,and that's because my husband wouldn't let me have them inside,,LOL!! But if my life was different,and I didn't have 2 dogs 4 cats,a gecko, and a tortoise inside,,perhaps I would have a duck sitting on my lap in the evening while watching a good movie...Good for you! And don't let anyone get you down, duck clean up is not an easy task,and you're giving your little girl a wonderful experience by having them :)
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    May 23, 2012
    ours arent totall indoor ducks i want them to have the option of waddling in if they feel like it and they seem to today lol.i have always been surrounded by animals of all sorts growing up and wanted my daughter to have that same experiance and what is wrong with that. i get that people are passionate about animals i am too but i think when someone explains the are new and need a little help/advise that they should get that without being told like a child, they dont know me for all they know i could be very young or something.surely its better for people to feel like they have a place to ask and go to than to try and muddle through and maybe get into trouble?
    all this apart im loving the ducklings they seem to be really taking to us and are fantastic with my lil girl

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