I'm MP3 player-challenged, and I need help, please


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Apr 15, 2008
I'm sure there are some techies here who can advise me. I have a Toshiba Gigabeat MP3 player that I received as a gift a couple of years ago.

I've never had another MP3 player and I've been pleased with this one, but I just discovered something very disappointing. After downloading some free audiobooks from Librivox, I discovered that they will not play on my Gigabeat. I can't even get them loaded on the device, but I read online that it does not support most audiobook files. The files are named .mp3, so I don't get it.

Before this I didn't even realize there were so many different file types. Another factor I need to consider is that my DH recently gave me a stereo with an Ipod dock. It will work with my MP3 player with a cord in the “PC” mode, but it would be nice to have a player that would just dock on it and therefore be compatible with the remote. It's a Sony stereo and appears to only be compatible with Apple Ipods on the docking thingey.

Now, can this be solved by finding some sort of conversion program, or am I going to be forced to purchase a new player if I want to listen to audiobooks? If I find this conversion program, I wouldn't even know what I need to convert to/from. If I buy a new player, which ones have the most formats?
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Man, I know even less about MP3 players than you do. I've never even had one.
Good luck finding a good solution.
Well, Buff, thanks for at least reading my post before it went into the neverland of unread/unanswered posts.
I will have my DH look at this tonight when he gets in from work and get back to you he is a MAJOR tecno weenie... huge... big time... to the point of embarrassing sometimes

ETA: his IT team from work calls him if they cant figure stuff out
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I went on toshiba's site which mentioned they weren't making them anymore, but still offered support. I'm not sure what model you have. From what I could find, it doesn't look like it supports audiobooks, but I could be wrong.

As for the stero dock thing....Some are compatible with all MP3 players, some only work with ipod, zune, etc. If it is compatible with all MP3 players it will say it somewhere in the manual, box it came in, etc.

As for new MP3 player. I've owned Ipods. I hate the darn things. They make it so if it doesn't work right, you gotta buy a new one. Only works with certain things products etc. I also hated the fact I couldn't have a darn radio. I bought the seperate thing for radio ( 2 actually) and they broke shortly after buying it. I hate Ipod.

After getting fed up with Ipod and their genius', I got a zune. I have had it for awhile now. It has an FM tuner, and a whole bunch of other things my Ipod didn't. I haven't had any issues with it other than when I went to put my music from my Ipod ( I bought several albums from apple store ) to my zune. It wouldn't let me. There is some software you can use to convert it but, I was angry. It was a pain in the butt, and I have no patience.
My complaint was...I bought these albums. I should be able to put them on whatever MP3 player I want. Instead I felt like I was ripped off. I was merely renting them, I didn't own them.

I've since gone back to just buying CD's I want and loading them on that way. A lot less headaches, and I own them.

mjsdhs, thanks. Major techno weenie can be handy at times

Bluemoon, I had looked at the manual for the stereo and it is only compatible with certain models of Apple Ipods. Thanks for your input. My DH had bought a Toshiba when his teenage nephew told him about I-tunes and the proprietary stuff. I like buying my MP3's wherever. If I can't find a program to convert my audiobooks for the Toshiba, I may go with a Zune. It's one of the models on this list:

It would be your best bet. I just personally had issues with Ipod, and won't ever buy one of those again. LOL

The zune is the one I have. It does work with audio books, and various other applications. I've never had a problem with it, and it has all the features I wanted built in. I don't have to buy seperate gear for it.
I do want a compatible stereo for upstairs, but haven't looked hard enough for that yet. Next on my list I guess

Some of the other ones on that list are good too. ( to heck with the Ipod)


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