Im Never Eating Chicken Again.

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by CammieSilkie, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Jul 29, 2010
    today my friend told me to go on youtube and watch documentaries on chicken slaughter / egg production / the lives of broiler birds because she was mad at me for eating school chicken nuggets. (crappy highschool lunches [​IMG]) her and I used to be vegan, but i gave up and figured its totally natural to eat meat. well, I watched them, and I'm completely horrified. Like, wow. This is just... so cruel. if i ever eat chicken again, im making sure its free range, and even free range is pretty bad. I wish we could stop all this horrid abuse, but no one knows the truth and is too lazy to do anything about it! I wish we could stop it! here are some of the documentaries:

    one on an average egg production factory farm thing -

    (Activist Video Removed)

    another -

    here's one on the life of a broiler hen, part 1.) -

    (Activist Video Removed)

    and now part 2.)

    (Activist Video Removed)

    here's one on how the chicks are handled in hatcheries for egg & meat production -

    (Activist Video Removed)

    free range documentary -

    (Activist Video Removed)

    I have many more, but these are some of them. This is so sad, if you take the time to watch all these it will change your mind forever, don't start crying and turn it off. its something everyone needs to see. Grinding up male chicks alive? leaving dead corpses to rot with the live hens? the birds of higher levels pooping on the hens below them? This is OUR fault, dont you think its time we do right for once? when you look at chicken, you think it's just chicken, a piece of meat, but you gotta look at that meat and remember it came from A chicken. and remember what that chicken went through, to end up there in the supermarket. does anyone agree with me how awful this is? I look at my chickens, free ranging all over the backyard with their little babies behind them and their clean coop, and think how lucky they are. five. out of 8 billion killed each year, that endured those conditions. never even breathing fresh air. [​IMG]

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