i'm new & i have a few questions about incubating


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
hey, how are you all? i'm new here & at incubating chicken eggs. i've had a few experiences with chickens in the past, but my teacher lent us an incubator. my parents know some more about it than i do, but since this is basically our first time incubating, i thought it would be helpful to join a forum. onto why i posted this...
One of the questions we had were: How long can you keep the eggs out of the incubator (like when your changing the water)?
Also, does anybody know if you can order fertilized eggs?

Any hints, tips, tricks, and/or advice would be very helpful & much appreciated.

And if I make any mistakes or something like that in how I'm posting on here or something like that, just let me know. I'm not too familiar with forums. And i apologize ahead of time.
And it is a good thing for your eggs to be able to cool for at least five minuets. It increases your hatchibilaty. You can order eggs from any number of hatcheries or people on the internet. If you go to thee index page and all the way down there is a link for buy sell hatching eggs. If you want show quality chickens then go only with a private breeder. Now dont forget turn your eggs every day three times a day. Keep humidity at 30 - 50%. If you have a still air bator (no fan) then keep your tmep at 102.5 or if forced/ circulated, leave at 99.5 They take 21 days to incubate, and at day 18 of incubation increse humidity to 60-75% and stop turning. If you need ANY help just let me know. Goodluck, -Jay

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