I'm now a hen owner!!!!


8 Years
Nov 28, 2011
Carver, Oregon
DH and I just picked up my first two ladies! I have a Barred Rock and a Khaki Campbell Duck. DH is picking up an additional five ladies for me tomorrow or Friday. I'm so excited!!!! The other five will be one each of the following: Ameracauna, Aurcana, Black Jersey Giant, New Hampshire Red, and another Barred Rock (I love Barred Rocks!). I'm so excited to finally have the starts of my flock! Just thought I'd share my jubilation with some peeps who'll understand the joy.
I think you are beginning to become like the rest of us, on the way to the path of the adictive ways of becoming a chicken owner. The more you watch them and their ways the more you want to own. They are so much fun and very rewarding. Sandy

Congrats and welcome to one of the most addictive hobbies on the planet. You may as well cancel your cable tv service now...chicken Tv will keep you entertained for years to come, LOL

1st advice. Start a new chicken coop now. Take the dimensions of what you have now, add a little, then double that. Youll understand what I mean by next year.
HA! I agree with Bario. I started with a small coop housing 3-5 chickens. Within 3 months I got a coop that would hold 30! Chicken math is a true phenomenon.

Congrats! Send pictures when you get all your ladies.

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