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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by nanawendy, May 25, 2010.

  1. nanawendy

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Bellingham Wa
    Or should I put a positive spin on it. I actually walked out of the feed store WITHOUT a chick. They had GLW that truly called out to me. I can still hear them... can't YOU???? My original flock went from 9 to five as I gave 4 to my grandsons. I replaced them with 23 various sizes and breeds, over the last 2 months. It was an innocent trip to get another waterer... REALLY. I can still hear her... HELP [​IMG] This is all consuming. I know addiction from 100 years ago... this is definitely familiar, but not as deadly. Does anyone understand??? [​IMG]
  2. just go get the babies! you know you want them! just try, the first ones free! no its not like addiction at all!? [​IMG]
  3. trilyn

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    Apr 13, 2009
    East Syracuse
    Addiction?! Huh? No, honey you got it all wrong, it's just a bit of fuzzy chicken math, not an addiction, I swear! [​IMG]
  4. nanawendy

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Bellingham Wa
    Metaphorically speaking [​IMG] And aren't you playing the role of "dealer" [​IMG] This is all in fun... and I don't EVER mean to minimize addiction AT ALL. But the pull and brain consumption is definitely likened. I see your in WW from your profile... me too [​IMG]
  5. Peppermint

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    Oh nanawendy, you're among fellow chick-a-holics here [​IMG]

    I started with 3 chickies, because technically that's all we're allowed in my urban area. But the next day I went to a different feed store to get organic starter feed, and came home with two more chicks. Two weeks later I went to another store to get hardware cloth, and convinced myself that I surely have two roosters out of 5 chicks, so I should get another...insurance policy, right? So now I have six little peeps [​IMG] One of mine is a GLW, so I completely understand your dilema!
  6. nelgkel

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    Apr 14, 2010
    I so want a GLW too!! Saw one at the chicken farm this morning when I went to get 3 chicks to replace our 1 rooster!! Lol!

    You know you want it!! If you can swing it....get it!
  7. SB Austex

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    May 9, 2010
    I finally decided to take the leap and said, "I will have 4 chickens." Then, before I even saw the little fuzzies in person, someone said, well if y'all eat 4 eggs a day, you'll want at least 6. Some others said well with the little chicks, we've always lost 1 or 2 before the've grown, besides what if you end up with a rooster. So I said, OK...7. But then I went to two feed stores, 2 weeks in a row and I wanted different kinds. So...my first flock has already multiplied from 4 to 8 (!!): 2 Dominiques, 2 'Ameraucanas', 2 Gold Laced Wyandottes, 1 Blue Wyandotte & 1 Welsummer. The youngest are nearing 2 weeks old, the oldest 4 weeks and everyone seems to be thriving.
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  8. nanawendy

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Bellingham Wa
    Well I think DH has been totally tolerant, He said... "how about next year" soooooooo ?? next?? year?? it ?? is ??????????
  9. NoseyChickens

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    Aug 3, 2009
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    Last summer I started with four........Now there are 30 and the incubator is full, and that's not couting the new ducks. DH needs to open his mouth and practice the word "no" he's no help at all!
  10. TennesseeTruly

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Church Hill, TN
    LOL I went from one rooster who wandered onto our property last year to about 100 chickens, 16 geese and nearly 50 ducks. On and 16 guineas!

    Be careful of said addiction. People here will only support you.


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