im setting eggs today ***update day 7***


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Mar 12, 2008
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tomorrow i am going to be setting about 25-30 of my bantams eggs, im not sure that any of them will be fertile becuase the eggs from the cochin/ frizzle pen are from year old hens but the white males (the only ones ive seen mate the hens) are pretty young (born in may) but the hens that are laying are white cochins and white frizzle cochins so if im lucky they will be fertile and pure white and white frizzle cochin chicks
the modern game eggs im not sure will be fertile cuase the rooster got a leg injury while the hens were broody so these are the first eggs theyve laid since then.
so wish me luck ill update when i set tomorow and if anyone wants to join feel free

**i am going to be setting the eggs shortly my dad is driving home with the new humidity pads we ordered and then they are going in the bator!

so far there are 35 eggs and whatever they lay today and tomorrow can go in too
and some more good news, the rooster i wrote about above with the leg injury i noticed today he is walking and running on it again so i dont think it is irritating him anymore, which is a miracle cuase for months now hes been limping its all of a sudden so im really happy right now
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today is day four, i candled yesterday and removed the clear eggs and the ones with blood rings in them, im not going to be opening the bator again untill day 8 and then ill candle again, becuase i left a few eggs i was unsure about in there
they are for the rcom 20 incubator, its like a kinda sponge thing u put in the bottom and i dont know its pourpose but the humidity stays at the right place so its doing its job
well i candled officially today, day 7, and i think there were like 7 or 8 that were no good, so i now have 21 eggs, (19 frizzles, 2 blue modern game eggs) and i am going to put some more frizzled eggs in tomorrow which will hatch a week apart

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