I'm so tired of dog problems!!!

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    May 15, 2009
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    I am so incredibly sick of irresponsible people! There isn't a person within a mile of me who contains their dogs! In five years we've had a few attacks on our chickens. Each time the responsible owner has been contacted and let known what the dogs have done. Most people are horrified to find out their dog has killed a chicken. We usually do not see those dogs again. I'm venting here because the worst people who do not contain their dogs are our neighbors directly across the street. We really like these people they're about the only neighbors that we speak to. The wife totally gets on my nerves and does not believe that their dog should be contained. She thinks that we should lock our chickens up and let her dog around wherever it wants to. They have gone through three dogs in five years because they run away. I have gotten into more fights with her about loose dogs than anything. She complains about other peoples dogs running loose and dismantling there in her yard but thinks it's okay what her dog is in my yard. Are dogs have not been locked up in our house for two months. The only time we can let them out and their completely fenced and electrified yard is when we are home. We used to leave them out but had to stop because of other peoples dogs running loose and coming on our property and are dogs got out and killed them. Are dogs are Anatolians and are here to protect our chickens. But since I can't keep other people from letting their dogs loose I have to leave mine locked up because they will leave the property if they get out of the fence. So even in the house when we are gone there is cardboard blocking my front windows so the dogs can't see out. They are confined to one room. There is a sliding glass door to the deck where they can see into the backyard. Just so you know - I have a video surveillance system on our house and yard so I know what happens around here.

    So anyway - today. Neighbors soon lets his dogs out. One is a smaller fog and the other is supposively a wolf hybrid. I'm at work of course. So his dogs come over here and chase the chickens. Of course my dogs hear the commotion and go crazy. SOMEHOW they freaking managed to open the sliding door to the deck. OMG! So on the video you see one of the neighbors dogs catch a chicken. Grrrr! My dogs are going insane because they can't get to the trespassing dogs. Then you see on the video the neighbors son come outside and call the dogs. One runs home with my chicken in his mouth.

    I get home and figure out what happened. Called the dad of the family because he is the only one with any sense. He's mad but doesn't say anything. I told him I want his son to reimburse my daughter for the chicken.

    It's been hours and we haven't heard anything more from them. One things for sure. Their dogs don't get another chance.

    I am so freaking glad we are moving!!!!!!!!!
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    Kinda sounds like you need a big, tall privacy fence. Either that or a good secure run for your chickens. In the end, it's your responsibility to keep your chickens safe from whatever may come in your yard. If not the neighbors' dogs, what about coyote, fox, coons, mink.... You're always taking a chance when you let your chickens free range. Just to be clear, I'm not saying you shouldn't free range. I let mine free range, but I know there's a risk. Not neighbor's dogs here, but we do have lots of wildlife. Another option is to only free range if you're going to be home to keep an eye on things. I agree that your neighbors shouldn't let their dogs run loose if they leave the property, but since they do, you have to take care of things on your end.
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    Electric fence with several strands, one strand only a couple inches from the ground. We made the bottom strand with one inch PVC, drill a hole in the PVC and run the wire through, the PVC acts as an insulator.
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    Nov 14, 2009
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    Can you try calling animal control about the dogs? A lot of places have laws against letting dogs run loose. Even if your area does not have a leash law, you could call and report what is going on, and maybe they can come get the dogs, or you can catch the dogs and take them to a shelter, or they can send an officer to have a nice talk with the neighbor about their dogs being a problem.

    We're having a problem right now with some dogs down the street breaking loose when the owner is not home and raiding trash cans and spreading people's trash all over their yards and the street. They're sweet and cute dogs, but next time I catch them out, they're coming home with me and I'm calling the shelter to come get them. The dogs would be better off with an owner who takes care of them.
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    Charge her for the cost of any damage her dog does. That might help.
  6. TrystInn

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    We've been trolling Craigslist for paint ball guns, because I'm having a similar issue with unneutered pit bulls trying to rip my fences apart. I have shotguns and rifles, handguns, too. But I'd rather give a few warning shots. I figure electric pink ought to teach the neighbors that they are pissing off the neighbors.
  7. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Since you are moving and creating a nfh is not a big deal I would say call the police and AC all the time.Roaming dogs can attack you and your family,and should be dealt with through fines and/or removal of the dog PRIOR to an attack on a human.
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    FWIW shooting a dog with a paintball gun can be classified as animal cruelty.
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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Bobbie has a good point, but I have a little different take. According to laws and just the way things are done around here, it is your responsibility to keep you chickens safe for predators. That being wolves, fox, coon, possum, bobcat, mink, skunk or any other animal of the wild. But when it comes to dog,cats or any other animal that a human has in their position and call it a pet, it is their responsibility to look after it. It is not to fall on you to protect your animals on your property for unrulely and/or uncontrolled animals. So that brings the discussion to then what do you do. Well, the neighbor is to made aware of the problems and also made to understand what his responsibility is and the consiquence of his lack of action. I would call the sheriff and let him know what's transpired and what the results will be if the dog come back.

    Then you take care of business and let the neighbor be darn if 'he' causes harm to come to his animal. I fail to see the problem with you taking care of your own property and animals, and for you to be concerned with an angry neighbor who refuses to look internally for causes of the problems. It's not on you, it's the family across the street.
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    Oct 18, 2011
    Quote:Not if you're defending livestock (under most state laws).

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