Im sorry.....

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8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Hi everyone. Im sorry I was the one that posted the video.
I thought it was terrible and wanted it to be stopped!
I didnt think of others feelings and how ill it could make them. Again I am sorry and I will definetely think before posting something again.
Again Im sorry for offending anyone on this wonderful forum!
It has been so much help. Again im so so so so so sorry. I didnt remember that rule......

(I could literally cry right now....)

Ok I am very sorry! Didnt know you couldnt post a topic about another topic that was locked.....
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Don't worry...I watched it...sad, but it happens and everyone on here knows it does
Don't beat yourself up! Everyone that's passionate about their birds knows how you feel!
You are ok by me. I get enraged with the idea myself. Who could find that "entertaining" or a "sport" is beyond me! Sick. As far as I am concerned, your apology is accepted
Since I never click through to random videos without knowing what's supposed to be in it, I have no idea what the video was about. If it's an issue you're concerned about beyond the shock factor of the video, you might want to write up a post and put links to articles or petitions for folks to be able to do something about it. Whatever it is.
I didn't get to see it or know what you are talking about but you said your sorry so its over. If others were offended they should accept that sometimes people make mistakes. You said sorry so that is all you can do.
I accept your apology. Could you please, in the future, post what the video is about so that some one need not click on it if they do not wish to see that "stuff"? The videoyou linked had not description in the lable of it so those who saw it did not know what they were about to watch. Then, like a train crash, you could not look away, it was so fast too so those of us who saw it saw the horror in it's entirety. Mistakes happen. You titled the thread in such a provacative way that it made many click on it instantaneously. Good job if you were looking for help with a emergency injury. Just not in this case.
I'm sure you will be more careful in the future but also, as a service to all, please title the vidoes before you post them if they are not somehting like "Dog chases ball" in the title so we know. We all make mistakes Don't beat yourself up too hard. The moderators ( GOD bless them) caught it early.
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I will definetely if I ever do post another video. But I guarantee it will never be a video like that. I should have done that in the first place! I just thought theres no blood or anything but still that is NO excuse and I am again truly sorry.....
Ok I am very sorry! Didnt know you couldnt post a topic about another topic that was locked.....
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