I'm such a jerk :(


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
I hit a wild turkery tonight
It had to be put down. but I have never killed poultry before... Really it hit me, then I turned around.. It was still alive, but broken legs/wings.. It had to go.. I don't carry a knife or can't really do the dead quickly

So I'm crying standing on the side of the road, pushing this to the ditch.. After putting it out've misery
Cause I can't leave it in the road way...

Construction worker stops ( I live in the hicks, this is normal. He says "Did you just hit that goose?" Yes I say

He Say's are you ok?

I say, Yes THank-you

He says' "so you just hit it...?"

I say, yup it's still good to eat...

He say's ok thank-you, so the goose is right down there..."

Yup except it is a turkey..

He says even better!! I love turkery

Amyways I feel sick, wish I knew how to put her out've misery quicker

I killed her and pushed her to the side, for lack of knowing how to clean etc.. Was just gonna waste the meat, with so many hungry people in the world..

I need to carry a knife, be ready to do the deed, and clean/cook something that I mame/kill be accident

I feel like such a jerk
Poor turkey
Aww don't be too hard on yourself, you couldn't have known. In July I ran over a BABY turkey!
The mama was beside the road with about 9 babies with her and one ran right under my truck, not even in front where I could have stopped but between front and back wheels. And to boot I had the kids with me and had to explain why I hit the baby turkey and why I didn't take it to the vet (baby turkey vs. chevy duramax quad cab doesn't leave much for the vet).
I'm so sorry. It was an accident. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do for an animal. You can't help them all, though you sure want to try. I wish I could have helped that turkey, too.

BTW, did that guy take the dead turkey home?
Well you did hte right hting... you didnt leave it there to suffer. You did the right thing.. and it was VERY brave to do!!!
It was just an accident. It's hard. I killed a starling with a broken wing. I heard a noise, found it and realized what was wrong then smashed it. I still can see it in my mind's eye. Horrible but necessary to reduce suffering.

You did the best you could. At least you care!
You did the right thing, you are no jerk. And as much as it seems tempting, NEVER swerve to avoid an animal. Too many people end up off the roads with their cars wrapped around a tree or a telephone pole from swerving, or worse, hit someone else in the process.

I keep a rifle in my car. Why? I live in an area so populated by deer that every single car trip I take I usually come close to creaming one. If I nail one, my little car is unlikely to kill it, but leave it severely wounded. Since hitting deer is a daily possibility, I keep the rifle to humanely dispatch the animal.

And you aren't being wasteful by not cleaning the turkey. Most animals that are hit by cars have most of their flesh bruised and roadrashed, and/or ruptured internal organs. If the large intestine is perforated, it fouls the meat. The only time I've seen a deer near a road that was OK to eat was one that was running along the road, ran into a fence and broke its neck cleanly, a freak accident not by a car. Watched it happen :hmm

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