I'm sure this has been discussed but fertilized vs un-fertilized eggs

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    Hey there,

    My husband made a comment to me the other day about getting rid of our roos because all of the eggs would have nasty "red" in them from being fertilized. Is this accurate.? being a newbie here I couldn't dispute..I just looked at him and said "What? REally?" [​IMG] I don't think I could crack open a "bloody" egg every morning for breakfast... ick [​IMG]
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    Quote:Your husband is sooo wrong:) Tell him the fertile eggs are amazing to eat-there's is absolutely NO taste difference. There are blood spots in eggs -all eggs fertile or not. When I used to buy store eggs I would get a bloody egg from time to time and by bloody I mean a speck of blood. That happens when the eggs is developing in the chicken long before the shell is finished forming:)
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    Thanks for the picture.I was wondering too.Thought there was some sort of dimple or something diiferent looking in the shell.
    Regardless of the blood spots I have found some people just get all funky over the idea of eating rooster sprem,lol.
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    There have been some threads on here of hatching store bought eggs, not necessarily those marked as fertile.

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