im thinking about getting a roosterUPDATE W/ PICS!!!!!!

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Apr 23, 2008
well i tried a rooster post without much response so i thought id try again. i have 6 hens that free range almost all day. everyone how sees them say they are the prettiest chickens they've seen!!(makes me proud!) the neighbor has a br rooster someone gave him,he says i can have him if i want. do i want? hes just going to eat him and hes so pretty but my biggest concern is him tearing all the feathers off the girls. he just seems so neat he would make a nice addition to the yard!! then i could get an incubator......ugh!

so we decided against the neighbors rooster. i get to talking to a nice man at the store and this is what i end up coming home with!!


he hatched this guy and some others, kept the pullets and gave away the roosters. he will be 6 months nov the first and not crowing yet. he is very shy,but with some treats im sure he will come around!! so tell me everything about cochins, i as usual jumped in with both feet. but in my defense,it is all you guys fault!! (at least i plan on telling dh that!)
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If you have them iin a big coop and there are 6 of them and you free range, the rooster will not tear up the feathers of the hens, unless there is only one or two he can ever catch. I don't think you will have a problem and I think the hens will love to have the "Protection" of a "man" around as well.
I'd give him a try. Just don't get too attached to him, don't name him. If things don't work out your neighbor could always eat him. I'd quarentine him for awhile and then keep him next to the hens where he can see them for a few more days.
does it count as quarentine if the neighbor has had him all alone for about a month? we are not to far apart,or do i still need to pen him up in my yard to make sure hes safe? oh and i already planned on letting the guy have him back if he was a bad, bad boy!!
My big question would be why is the neighbor wanting to get rid of him? Is he passing on a problem roo to you? I've heard people on here say they love their BR roos, others say they are the worse roosters as far as temperment goes.
At any rate, roosters are great to have IMO. I free-range too and I wouldn't be half as comfortable with it if I didn't know my two roos are watching over my girls at all times. In fact, if I didn't have roosters I probably wouldn't free-range. Also, maybe it's just me but I don't have a problem with my roosters tearing feathers off my hens, albeit my chickens are young yet. The worse that has happened is that is that Thor, my clumsy subordinate roo has torn off a few neck feathers from the hens in his awkward attempts at mating. Now that he's gotten better at it, there is no feather loss.
My gut feeling....If I was you I'd pass on the BR roo and try to find myself a juvenile roo to introduce to the flock (after quarantine of course). Preferably one from a breed known to for their docile roos.
does it count as quarentine if the neighbor has had him all alone for about a month?

I'm guessing yet it counts but I'm not sure. I think it would depend on how well your neighbor kept on eye on him for any potential diseases.​
I really like BR's and I was planning on picking up a BR rooster in about 10 days. My question is what is a well tempermented breed of rooster?

Barred Rocks are my favorite roosters. I have three of them, however, temperament is more an inherited trait and an individual thing, rather than breed being the deciding factor. I'd say quarantine at the neighbor's wouldn't really count. Is he right nextdoor to you?
I do agree with that. Both of my boys are brahmas, as you know. Thor has been an excellent rooster from day one, while Zeus took a little training.
Maybe I shouldn't have specified the breed. I'm just one of those people that is leary of inheriting other people's problems when it comes to animals.

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