I'm worried!

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Sep 22, 2013
McBain, MI
A silkie I got a week an a half ago from a friend started making a weird noise tonight. It's like a crying noise when she breathes an when I touch her she makes a high pitched hiccup noise. Any ideas!????
No gasping. Just wheezing. She wasn't making the noise this morning. Noticed it when I went to close up the coop when I got home from work.
Watch for any other signs of respiratory disease like swollen eyes or face on one side, eye bubbles, and discharge from nose or eyes. Tthese symptoms should be treated with Tylan 50 or certain other antibiotic. Mycoplasma G. and infectious bronchitis are two common diseases that might be considered.
I just went an checked on her an another one of my hens is making that same noise. They are in the same 10x20 coop but seperated by netting since the silkie was 1 of 13 I got from a friend. I rubbed the silkie's throat an all she did was make the high pitched hiccup noise.
Checked on them at 3:15am this morning. Both still making that noise. Neither have any of the other symptoms you said to watch for. I checked the rest of the flock for the symptoms an none of them have any.

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