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May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
So, here is what I know and what Ive been up to.

This guy comes and goes to Mexico quite often, so its been difficult seeing him at his store.

Yesterday , I asked him if he still had the girls and he said he did.

When asked what he was going to do with them, he said he wasnt sure, but he " would consider " giving them away but he doesnt know when.

I made sure he understood that I WILL take the girls, he "assured " me that I would be the First person he would give them to.

I then asked if he corrected his coop. ( see problems with it , in original post ).

No , he has " Not had the time , nor desire to fix the coop" even though he acknowledges knowing how dangerous Not having ventilation is.

He wants " Nature whether good or bad, to take its course with the coop and girls "

Now, I DID NOT like that statement and let him know it, in between customers coming in and out.

I didnt care who heard me.

Since I have been building Alot of coops by myself, I offered to go take a look and work on it, if he will allow me.

He said that would be fine since he had No idea what was Must in building a coop.

Now, I went over to check out his set up but Most importantly, I wanted to check on the hens' welfare.

OMG, I could smell the coop from the front yard as I was parking on the road in front of his house !!

In a nutshell, his coop is a 4x8 coop on 2x4 legs about 3ft off the ground.

Just a large box..there was a small hole , maybe 4x6 inches, on 1 of the 4ft sections of the coop.

He let the girls out...they are Barred Rocks, (3), and 3 of what I believe are New Hampshire Reds.

They looked too Thin for MY liking.

The Poop was at least 2 inches deep on the floor and their water had been knocked on the floor, and when I did not see

any feed container, he mentioned that he just " throws a few cups of feed onto the floor to give them something to scratch for "

By this time, I had seen and had ENOUGH, and I told him that I wanted those birds , right then and there , to care for them.

( I went over to his house with several carriers I have..just in case...I kind of had a feeling I was going to take the birds.)

Im going back in a few days to load the coop onto my truck, whether he is There or Not..He will know its me, so there wont be any problem with me taking it..

Sooooo , I have the "Foster Chickens" in quarantine for awhile, even though they have a separate section of the yard to run around , scratch for bugs, and just BE CHICKENS..

Im going to change up the coop, since Im between building others.

Im going to plunge cut a 12x14 window on the side that will be having the West sun. It Never gets hot here, so with the windows open, there will be great circulation to keep them cool in the summer, and during our Horrible winters, they will have whatever sun we do get, also.

The windows will be covered with hardware cloth during the summer, and Plexiglass that I already cut and have ready to cover the windows , during the winter.

I just Love using Plexiglass on my coops, when it can be done, as it warm up the coop, yet if the birds need to stay inside, like during blizzards, they can still see outside.

Im going to also cut and frame a pop hole on one of the short sides of the coop, and make a ladder that will lead them right into their 8x18 enclosed yard..

So, thats about it for now..

I took pictures and will post them once I learn how to post pics on the new site.

Thanks for everyone's concern..

The girls will be just fine..

Yesterday, I ran into an acquaintance, who is a " respected businessman ", who got his chickens the same day I did..April 11, 2011.

Everytime I would go to his store, we would have small talk about how each other's chickens were doing during each stage of their lives.

Last year when he first got them, he built them a coop, was so excited about their first egg, etc.

So, when I saw him yesterday, and asked him how his chickens were doing, especially since we are in winter and having alot of snow, cold etc.

His replies are as follows :

" Oh, I guess theyre alright. The novelty and fun has worn off, and Im getting rid of them ASAP. I HATE them..they are so stinky and Im sick of cleaning out their G- - D- - -N coop!

In fact, I got so tired of cleaning out their stinky coop, just to have this one Black chicken that has some reddish hackles, go to her nest box, and take out all her straw, that I GRABBED the STUPID bird BY THE NECK, and threw

her across the coop where she hit the wall and fell to the ground...I thought she was dead, then the dumb thing got back up ...I put more straw in her box, watched her do it again, so I again, grabbed her by the a WING this

time and threw her across the coop , again. "

Now, by this time, Im in shock with what Im hearing, and told him what he was doing " was CRUELTY TO ANIMAL , and that he has NO business having those poor birds " !!!

I then asked him why is his coop so " Stinky" ?

He said " Oh, I dont know ".

I asked him how well is his coop Ventilated?

He said " What's VENTILATION "?

OMG..I couldnt believe what he was telling me.

I explained to him the Importance of ventilation and how even with our extreme cold and snow, they Still need that or they could possible Die , without it and the lack of ventilation is also causing their coop to smell.

He seemed surprised..." Oh wow, my coop is TOTALLY CLOSED UP and Insulated with NO windows "...

He also said.." I wouldnt mind if they all died....Hmmm..that gives me an idea.."

Unfortunately, alot of customers started to come into his store, and the conversation abruptly ended.

I was quite upset and saddened.

I sat in my car trying to figure out just How I could possibly take his chickens off his hands.

So, I came home and decided to divide up my huge 12x20 coop, go see him Today, and ask him if I could Take his birds !

Of course I will Quarantine them first.

Now, I understand that people raise their chickens as meat birds, or do eat their birds etc, and thats fine...but IMHO, if you get chickens OR any animal solely as pets, then you are TOTALLY responsible for their well being

needs, etc. for the life of that animal...

The animal is NOT just a " NOVELTY" that can become ABUSED by the very person that the animal has become dependent on..

ILL keep everyone POSTED, as to whether this Jerk will let me take his chickens off his hands.

Thanks for listening..

I know people on BYC would understand my little

to take them into your life, then YOU are
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People like that are just... eugh. That sort of mentality honestly disgusts me. No animal, not even chickens (especially chickens!) deserve to be treated like disposable novelties. I don't have a real problem with people who raise chickens for meat, but folks who get animals, care for them a short while, then toss them away like last year's fruit cake just raise my hackles!

I really wish you all the luck in rescuing those birds from this guy!
Thank you!

I'm going to be working on it today!

In MY case, there's ALWAYS room at MY inn !

I don't have patience for people like that.

My mama comes from a family of farmers. She once told me that our uncle, who raised beef cattle, got mad and actually threatened (and I mean threatened) one of these jerks when they started beating one of my uncle's cows when they were being sold. Needless to say he stopped doing that (at least in my uncle's presence). This was his livelihood and by gosh you weren't going to abuse them like that whether they were to be eaten or not. My uncles and grandfather took darned good care of what was theirs, no hired help either considering all what they had to take care of.

Yet this guy acted this way over some chickens acting like chickens? Hope he doesn't have children.
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When I first got my chicks, I was so thrilled with them and shared my enthusiasm with a friend. Well, she told me that she had tried raising chickens before and it was awful. "You'll just hate it!" She said. Well, here, she raised meat birds, so I can understand......

But if the novelty wears off, and I do believe some people just discover that chickening is just not for them, they they should just give away their birds. It's so easy! Sometimes I end up with a surplus, and if I list them on CL, they're gone in about one day....

That guy would have left me dumb-founded with what he said....about throwing that hen around......Poor dear!
This reminds me of an auction I went to....A man was really shoving a very small calf around and he was brutal. It almost made me cry.....I left abruptly. I just couldn't watch.....
I just hope theres a special hell for those people where the things they tortured get to return the favor! You GOT to save those girls!! maybe you can get some of the coop and run.
I really wish I hadn't read this. That is one person who will treat humans the same way, I've found. Avoid at all costs, after you report him for animal cruelty and get those chickens away from him.
I do agree. His ignorance is greater than on just animals. Get the birds, spoil the heck out of them, report him, and run quicklly. People like that make me so mad

I wish jus WISH that THEY could be treated like that for just one day. just ONE DAY and i bet they would change their tune. Oh heck, no they wouldnt. Some people are just sad excuses for a human being.

I always have room at the 'chicken Inn' as well for situations like that.

Good for you for having a heart, a concience, and the gazoongas to do something about it. You go girl. We got your back if you need us.
Offer to take his nasty, smelly coop, too. He won't want that thing sitting around. Then fix it up and show his girls a good life.

Best of luck to you. People like that make me struggle with some un-Christian thoughts of smacking the tar out of them.

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