impacted crop/ sour crop help!


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Sep 13, 2014
I have a chicken with an impacted crop. I have her in a clean cage in my garage away from the flock. she took some coconut oil and olive oil yesterday (she LOVED the coconut oil) to see if that would create the blockage to slip through. this morning when I checked on her, she had pooped, a LOT, and it was very sour smelling. BUT, her crop is still very swollen. I tried moving her upside down and massaging the crop forward to induce vomiting, and felt and heard the "juices" inside her crop moving, but did not vomit one bit. i tried this three times, still nothing. she seems to be in NO pain, acting fine, kept her off food for 24 hours and when I fed her a little bit of crumbles this morning she gobble them up. I am stumped as to what is going on!! looks like impacted crop, smells like sour crop but she acts totally normal. any suggestions?
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her crop is majorly swollen. poop this morning smelled very sour. I won't try to get her to vomit again. that advice was given to me by a couple of chicken keepers- but did not prove to be affective, so we won't do that again! she is eating and drinking, acting normal. but her crop is just massive, almost hanging on the ground.
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