Impacted/sour crop... UPDATE 9-27-08


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Bergen, NY
Crystal is a leghorn pullet, about 22 weeks old

I found her today in the run, standing in a corner by herself, tail drooping, eyes opening and closing, head acting like she wanted to sleep. Her comb and wattle are bright red. SHe walks real slow.. a few steps at a time.

She just started laying eggs this week and one of my girls did not lay yesterday.. maybe it was Crystal. I only got one leghorn egg again today.

They eat layer pellets and scratch grain. I treat them to pieces of bread and yesterday a few red raspberries.
Her crop is mushy I guess... not sure what they feel like normally. But I don't think that she was lethargic this am.
So I think she may have eaten some scratch grain this morning.

She has not eaten since I found her, but had drank. When I picked her up... she fought and screamed, she did spit up some water, but they may have been due to the fact that she was drinking water for half an hour or so; on and off.

I have no clue if she has pooped. She has not pooped in the hour that i have been watching her though.

SO far I have given her a 30 minute warm soak. Now she is wrapped in a towel, sitting in my lap, doing nothing... lethargic. This bird is usually flighty. So she is totally not herself!

I'd prefer to not go to a vet.

Their bedding is wood shavings.

What did I leave out?
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i know what I forgot. I feed them pieces of grass too. I break it up small.. it's a treat. Hope it isnt her crop that is the problem.
This has been going on for 2 hours.
I gave her some Olive oil..
took a few pictures and left her alone for a while.

Here are pictures of my sickly chicken.

Let me add... that I JUST went to check on her and she was
standing and rocking and PLOP... out came an egg...
I have a picture of that too!

Hopefully this has been her issue.




Ha ha ha ever feel like you are talking to yourself? LOL.... I have posted 4 times in a row. I find it humorous.. especially since my doll has laid an egg!
I was reading your "thread to yourself". Glad to hear the egg came out, and I HOPE that was the issue. She sure looked bound - Droopy comb, you can see it in her face.
oh my what a scare! I must admit your story and photo reportage did give me a giggle ... that poor forlorn look and flopped over comb... then the "PLOP"...

I would stop the scratch temporarily and stop the bread ... also the grass (let her nip off her own grass instead of picking it for cant possibly "cut" it up as small as the nips they nip off themselves)
Offer a live culture yogurt free choice and add some ACV to the water .
glad that your chicken got that egg out. I would have posted but I don't have a clue about any of the health stuff so I just thought I was better off not posting anything.
Well, hopefully she feels a lot better now.

Just wondering, did you color-coordinate the towel and Crystal?
lol...pure luck! was the 2nd towel I grabbed!

leghorns have floppy combs, so her comb is normal. Her crop is not hard at all. I will stop the grass for sure! Bread too, for now. oh yeah, scratch too. Poor chickens.. will think they have been bad!

I wonder how long she will still be BLAH after laying her egg.
I need to start dinner.. and she is in my kitchen. I think I will go get a dog crate to put her in. She is still standing there.. glances at her egg once in a while. I have to get her water too.

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