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Mar 26, 2013
West Michigan
So as a few of you may have read, I'm new to this whole duck thing! The four Pekins I'm supposed to be getting hatched on Tuesday and we were supposed to go pick them up today. Unfortunately we had some flooding in our area and had to reschedule to go get them on Saturday. I'm just so bummed that I'm not snuggling babies right now! Plus this means they'll be four days old by the time I have them. This doesn't affect how well they'll bond to my family, does it? I wouldn't think so but hey, it doesn't hurt to ask! On the bright side, everything in the brooder is definitely ready to go. Now it's just a waiting game. :rolleyes:
I think with enough time and lavish attention, things will work out well.

My ducklings went through a rough spell from three weeks of age for several weeks, where they became afraid of me. That is common, but not universal. So you still have almost three weeks to love on them before they get nervous, if they ever do.

By the way, it was just a phase, and they are sweet and friendly. Don't like being picked up, but a few of them like hugs. I just have to stoop down for my hugs.
it just depends on the time you spend w them . my 3 girls ( now almost 3 weeks) i got when they were 2 days old . im the one that feeds them bathes them holds them talks to them ALL THE TIME.
therefore..... they follow me like im their mama. they run to me when they are scared the FREAK OUT when they cant find me .... they are happy when i walk in the barn and sad when i leave . BUT sometimes they are hard to catch lol i dont think ANY duck likes being picked up . once held my girls like it tho and settle nicely . or if im laying down next to them they all hop on me or snuggle next to me :)

its all about time spent with them

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