Important information when you order hatching eggs


Jan 14, 2016
Venus, Florida. 33960
I didn't know it but the post office has changed its shipping policies with regards to hatching eggs or anything labeled fragile. Not only must you clearly mark the package as being Fragile on all surfaces. You must pay for special handling to avoid having your parcel with a hatching eggs being dumped up and tossed around with the rest of the parcels. This is a total difference from when I was in the post office and priority mail was given preferential treatment and if you stamped it fragile it was handled separately everything is mechanicalized everything gets taken off the truck dumped on a belt possed off the belt into bins and that's how all the parcels are sorted unless you pay extra for the fragile special handling. This is something both shippers of hatching eggs and those who order hatching eggs need to know and demand

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