Improving! 2 week old chick lost use of both legs now. Shoulds I try chick shoes? Pics


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7 Years
Aug 10, 2012

Woke up this morning to find one of my little cuties has a swollen twisted foot. He/she has walked on it a bit normal but mostly walked on it bent. He/she is eating and drinking fine. Anyone have any ideas what happened and whats wrong and what I can do to help it? Moo
Thank you for your reply. I took it to the vet on my scooter lol he said it looks like an infected leg joint and gave it a small injection. So not broken
Well she seem to not be giving up bless her! She have a vitamin shot and antibiotics and steroids. I've got her vitamin B complex drops and I think she maybe Improving. Will chick shoes help? I did have a go but she fights me lol (strong little thing!)
Wish I could put a video on here! She ran to me! I did put a shoe on her with a little fight lol. My issue is my gran keeps saying shes ready to go bk with the crowd constently ( from day 1) coz she is eating and drinking, but then my gran has a feeding problem lol. Balance is still an issue. So proud of the little pain with big lungs!

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