Improving Brower TH 120 incubator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by pascopol, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Brower TH120 is a great bator, all plastic, larger capacity than any styrobator, build in universal egg turner for all kinds of eggs from quail to goose, no need to purchase and sweep extra racks. It is easy to clean, (Dishwasher) very durable, easy replacable , cheap and self diagnosing heat source (60W candelabra socket type light bulb).

    But Top Hatch has one serious fault and perhaps that's why it is not very popular.

    Brower TopHatch does not hold steady temperature especially with fluctuating room temp. By the way I never found any room without temp fluctuations.

    Brower's fluctuations are not as bad as famous or rather infamous Little Giant but are still not acceptable for efficient and assured hatch.

    I bought a second hand TH120 just out of curiosity and for a heck of it and used is as a hatcher first with great results on coturnix quail eggs.

    Then I came with an idea to improve it making it a quality bator rivaling Brinsea and other higher end bators.

    I am very happy with my Tophatch now (I own Brinsea ECO too).

    I improved my Top Hatch by pluging it into ReptiTemp 500R thermostat. (about 25 bucks). No wiring necessary, plug and play situation. I insert Reptitemp 500R probe into one of the Brower ventilation 4 holes until the probe is at the top of the eggs level , then set Reptitemp thermostat so it will cut off at 100F. You plug in the Top Hatch into Repti outlet socket.

    Result is a very stable and high quality bator, temperature may fluctuate between 99.5 and 100 but it will NEVER spike above 100F even if the room temp fluctuates up to 7-10 degrees in my case, since the probe senses the temp at the egg level and will cut it off at exactly 100F or whatever you set it on no matter what the room temp is.

    My last hatch was Silver Appleyard ducks (shipped eggs) incubated in Brinsea ECO, hatched in Brower, I hatched 8 out of 13 eggs, actually 8 of 9 good eggs at kindling time. That was before above modification.

    Now I am going to use my Brower as a bator for any larger hatch since it has larger capacity than my Brinsea ECO20 or any styrobator. Also Brower it is better for incubating waterfowl since eggs are rolled not swung like in cabinets or LG/GQF type bators.

    To me Brower has one more important adventage over other bators/hatchers as a hatcher:

    Ther is no fan blowing directly on eggs possible dehydrating them when humidity is critical at hatch time, since Brower Tophatch has the fan located under the floor blowing gently air upwards along the heating lightbulb and then air descends down along the dome walls. Also due to large water evaporation area it comes to high humidity quick after removing some chicks. (Most of us can resist it, can we?)

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    Glad you posted this message... I was getting so disgusted with my Brower that I was thinking about selling it after this batch of eggs hatch out, if they hatch. I have had the temp shoot up to near 102 for no reason and then drop below 97 for still no reason, my house is always at 70 degrees. I have wrapped my Brower drum with pipe insulation and this still did not help. Where did you purchase your Reptitemp thermostat ? I have got to get me one.
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    Honestly I do not remember specic dealer I got my last Repti from.

    Just Google "reptitemp 500R" or go to:

    There is one for $24.03 with free shipping.

    I had my first repti 500 running my homemade bator, I hatched 100's of chicks, and gamebird chicks in it. Works flawlessly for about 5 or more years now.

    So I got the second one for my Brower.

    From my experience with bators and having build a few bators I think reason for Brower's tophatch instability is a design flaw.

    The thermostat of TopHatch is under the floor measuring temp below the egg chamber. When you switch temp control to egg chamber in my case using repti 500R you solve this problem.

    Another even worse bator famous for deadly spikes is LG. In this case I believe the fault is in low quality thermostat LG is using.

    I used the LG thermostat with my first homemade bator and temperature fluctuated not as bad as with styrofoam body

    (LG) but was still unacceptable. Switching to Repti 500 solved the problem, and I remember I paid more for this junky
    LG thermostat than I paid for Repti 500R

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