In a funk about the skunks!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Chickassan, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Chickassan

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    I need skunk deterrent ideas pronto!
    Iv'e just had to wait outside in the cold because a skunk was next to my back steps.
    It didn't move away from the human it came towards the human.
    This was after I had to bribe the flock with worms to keep them away from the skunk and I could lock everyone in the coop.
    I'd rather not get physical for obvious reasons, but the hostage situation can't continue.
    Iv'e tried pepper, and every pee in the book! This was my first personal skunk meeting and I really don't want another.
    So ideas, voodoo, i'm welcoming anything at this point. :)
  2. Chickassan

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  3. lol Like I said... there are recipes for *DIY*s if you are feeling brave. :)
  4. Chickassan

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    I just looked stink in the face, it dosen't get much braver for me.:)
  5. Grits&Eggs

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    love this one:
    The motion detector sprinkler is an effective skunk repellent because it uses fear to condition the animal to stay away. It senses the heat and motion of nuisance animals. Once detected, the repellent sprays a burst of water while creating a “ticking” sound—startling the animal and shooing it away. The noise, motion and spray of the repellent will make skunks reluctant to venture back into your yard. So, take these steps to spruce up your home, then get an effective skunk repellent to keep them away!
  6. Chickassan

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    I saw that! I'm a little afraid the skunks might take it as a challenge though.
    The last thing I want is a spray duel in the yard.
    But i'm willing to try anything at this point, little butthole knows i'm not going to do a thing and took full advantage. I'm not going to wait it out every night.
  7. Ol Grey Mare

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    What is attracting it/them.....are they sheltering under buildings or debris on the property, co ndumming feed or water, getting into the coop and taking eggs or? Something is drawing them in....identifying and addressing that will be key.
  8. 123RedBeard

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    Oct 20, 2014
    .22 discourages from visiting again ...

    I agree ... why is stinky coming around?

    My biggest concern is not only did it not bobble away ... but came towards you ... which tells me either it is used to humans (as they probably fed it) or, it has rabies!
  9. OhZark Biddies

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    I would agree in general, but... I’ve encountered skunks out in farm fields before daylight that I’m fairly certain had little contact with people, and had them do that “chasing” me thing ... I think they see poorly and are just going toward the sound of footsteps sometimes.
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