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Pat Mcaffee

Jul 23, 2017
My salmon Faverolles are on day 21 and started popping last night- two pipped around 10 last night and their holes have only grown larger. The birds are still alive but I’m concerned they aren’t hatching fast enough. Advice?
Leave them be. If you are sure they can't get out you can carefully, with tweezers, snap off tiny pieces of the egg around the hole. REMEMBER, ONLY DO THIS IF THE BIRD CANNOT GET OUT!
It would be nice to get an expert opinion on this- three eggs are facing the same difficulty so I’m a bit worried it’s a genetic issue.
If the chicks have pipped in the last 24 hrs. they are probably fine and just resting before the big push. Once they zip, thats when you have to watch. Zipping can take as little as 10 mins or as much as 45 mins. @WVduckchick @Pyxis a little advice here will make the OP more reassured please.

Agree. Normally 20-24 hours pipped shouldn't be a problem, just keep a watch on the membrane. If it starts turning brown, it may be drying out. If it stays white or wet-gray looking, the chick is usually fine, and moving, even if you can't see it.

Good luck!

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