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    Just found out I have 2 little boys a kaki cambell and a ancona now since there older they are acting a little weird to I think my ancona is reaching puberty (6months) and I would like babys. I need a hen for that, but my boyfriend said have to get rid of my kaki cambell ( he doesn't like the Kaki he's alittle agressive more so than my anocona) to get a female ancona. but no one wants to sell you a female 6months old or trade.They want to sell you 10 or 15 eggs or charge you a ridulicules amount . Anybody have any ideas. I would love to keep both my boys and just get them girlfriends but I don't think theres enough room in there dog pin for 4 adults.
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    You don't want two ducks and too drakes they won't stay with their own breed only. You will need to provide two pens, one or each breed. If the house doesn't have room for 4 adults, DON'T add females and incubate eggs. The two boys will be fine living overhear and you won't create an over crowded living situation.
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    Like Celtic said sounds like your space won't hold 4 adult ducks and over crowding causes alot of problems fighting being one of them, if you want to go the extra mile and put up another dog pen and secure housing for both pairs then maybe go here and see if someone may be willing to do a trade or you maybe able to find females. But it's very important that your drakes and ducks have a safe large area to live in that should come first. All the best And [​IMG]

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