In your opinion, will this work?

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    Hello to all...

    I have just some quick concerns about my inaugural run of my newly made styrofoam hen. I've noticed that people who post that they opened their bator during lockdown were just seriously chastised for doing it... Really? I simulated lockdown with mine and opened it twice a day to wet the sponge in front of the light bulb, and It was back up to 70%-ish within 20 minutes or so. Are you really supposed to not open it at all during hatching? Also, my temps are ranging from 96 to 104, but I find comfort in averaging these to 100. In my theory, this should be the internal temp of the egg. Am I right there? Also, I was worried about hatched chicks rolling pipped chicks face down, so I decided I would hatch in paper egg cartons. My problem with this is my bator is really tiny... I wanted to use what I had, If this one works I'll get a bigger box. But for this time, the temp and RH are staying way to constant to pass on the chance. I took a pic of the trimmed down egg cartons in the bator to get opinions, but keep in mind that this pic represents setting 12 eggs and all 12 making it to lockdown. If only 10 pass candle test then there would only be 10 cups, do Ya'll think this is enough room for the chicks that hatch? Please keep in mind that this pic would be all 12 eggs I would set making it to LD.
    I posted for fresh fertile eggs on freecycle and got a nice person from Cumberland Furnace to allow me some eggs that I can come get Sat. morning, so I guess I'll be setting them that evening. She said she should have 6-10 for me. I'm really anxious to see if I get anything out of it, but I hope for some to hatch so I'll feel like I got it right.
    The white thermometer is only there for calibration of the digital one that will stay for the duration. It won't be there during incubation or lockdown.
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    See, if you have a pip in the egg. and open the 'bator, you risk a sudden drop in humidity, and

    shrink wrapping the chick. It happens in seconds, so theres no "I'll do it quick so that won't happen."

    Shrink wrapped chicks are not somthing easy to deal with. They cannot move, and therefore, cannot

    hatch. [​IMG] The temperature really should not be going down to 96 ... Do you think you could get it

    stable between 99-101? My pipped eggs get rolled around like marbles. It's not going to hurt them.

    The eggcartons are fine. Do you have a fan?

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