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Hello everyone : ) im new to incubating and candling eggs. i would like to pick your brains. So i using a little giant still air incubator
: / not good but not bad either. just hard to stabilize temp. I started off with 18 shipped eggs. Im down to 4 for sure doing well and one i cant tell. the one i cant tell i see a lil bit of red veins not much. If it was a quieter would the vein still be bright red the part i can see? i know old blood turns kinda brown. Also i didnt know not too but i also bought some eggs and they arrived to day so they will go in tomorrow. My old eggs are do to hatch May 1st so lockdown will be tricky so far what ive done is i removed some of the racks on the egg turner so i can lay the eggs do to hatch flat. has anyone done that?

Welcome to BYC! you are at two weeks in. By now you should see more than just veins. Blood rings form fairly early in the cycle, within the first few days. Sometimes it is hard to tell until they are just about to lock down, depending on the color of the eggs. Yes, you can lay them on their sides at lock down and they will hatch just fine.

Take a look at this article in our learning center on hatching eggs. I will also include a page of candling pics so you can get any idea as to what you are looking for...

That last link has some great pics to look at.

Good luck with your hatch! You can also ask questions in our Incubating Eggs Forums if you start to run into issues...

Welcome to our flock!
Hello and Welcome To BYC! Good luck with your hatch! You might like to check out / post in the Incubating And Hatching Eggs forum and there is a wonderful article in the Learning Center
If the eggs are on day 14 and all you are seeing is some red vein like things, you may have a blood ring. If you are going to hatch chicks in an incubator with a working turner, you want the chicks in a basket or something so they don't get caught in the turner. You will need to watch the aircell size on the younger eggs also since you will have the humidity so high they will not lose weight like they are supposed to.
Ugh this hatching egg business is not easy as i thought lol. so i o know that some of the eggs are doing really good just this one silkie egg is confusing me. its dark and only has a lil bit of veins from what i can see. i think i will leave it in there. 11 eggs for sure had a blood ring i opened them nothing but a lil blood ring.
Blood rings can be caused by a drop in temp in the first few days. Also so can improper storage before setting and even rough handling during shipping. But I am glad you have a few growing so far. Keep us posted!
I most surely will! I love this chicken chatten forum. Great chatting : ) Thank you all for a warm welcome

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