Incubating Disaster!


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I think I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask you more experienced folk...

I'm a newbie chickener and just built a Styrofoam incubator with an external dimmer switch that has an adapter for a lamp plug. Last night I had everything steady at 100 degrees but the switch got kicked and I came home an hour and a half later and the temp was 146!!!! I got the eggs out as fast as I could and cooled them, and adjusted the temp to normal. Are the little guys fried or can I keep them in? Thanks for any help.
146! I hate to say it but I would think they are fried, but maybe there is still a chance. I would say give them a day or two then candle to see if you have any still moving. How far along are they?
I agree with paddock36, give them a few days and then candle. How many days into incubation are you? If you aren't to day 10, I would wait until then before you candle. I have my
for you!
They are staggered... I have 11 in total, 9 are on day 15 or 16 and 2 are on day 2.. I'll wait a day or so then candle.. Thanks for giving me a smidgen of hope!
Just an update on my fried eggs... One of the eggs I cooked looks like it is pulling through! It is amazing how hardy even the fetus can be! Thanks for the encouragement you guys..
Glad it looks like one is going to be okay. I had a similar thing happen to one of my hatches.....2 dozen eggs of 4 different types of pure bred week away from hatch and my 2 year old "helps" mommy by cranking the incubator......boy was that rough......I must say I cried. (Not in front of the baby though.) He had gotten through a closed door with a baby if he had only been left handed and turned the thing down! lol

I hope you post an update when it hatches!
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