egg several days behind...?


Jul 19, 2016
Burgaw, NC
I tried searching for this answer but couldn't find anything.

I'm doing my first ever incubation. I put the eggs in on the evening of the 15th. I have 3 Americaunas and 2 RIRs (or some mix of those two - 3 blue eggs and 2 Brown).

3 of the blue eggs and 1 brown seem to be doing terrific and I am so amazed...but when I candles the other brown egg, it seems to look as if it's only on day 6ish...not day 10 like the others. The chick inside IS active, everything appears normal, except that it's so much smaller/less developed than the others.

What could possibly be going on in there?
Some eggs can look further developed and some eggs can look a few days behind. That's pretty normal. I had 1 egg that was definitely ahead of the others. I could see life in 24 hours of incubation. It looked about 3-4 days ahead of the other eggs and it was the first to pip and hatch. I wouldn't worry to much about it, especially if you saw movement. Just keep an eye on that one and make sure it continues to develop.

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