Incubating Pheasant Eggs


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We have a trio of Lady Amhersts and Reeves pheasants that should be laying this year. We are going to try to incubate the eggs. We also bought some Elliots eggs. Are they the same as hatching chicken egg and ducks? Is incubation time the same as chickens?
I don't mean to take over here but I have a question along these lines. I was wondering if you do the humidity the same as with chickens eggs and do you use the same temp.?
Each pheasant species has a different incubation period. Amherst will take 22-24 days, Reeves & Elliots lasts about 25 days.

Here's an incubation chart for pheasants:


I was just getting ready to recommend the chart and decided I better read what someone else wrote...good thing huh?
There is definitely a difference in some of the species.
According to the older than dirt gentleman down the road here in the way back of central texas.......

They get the same humidity, same temps. Body temps in birds are the same ...even tropical birds... around 99 degrees farenheit.

Reptiles and platypus and other "weirdo" critters are the ones that get different temps... (you gotta love the way old folks put things sometimes lol)

You can take an ostrich egg, keep it at 99F, and just wait for awhile, and you're fine.

humidity seems to be 4-60 % for each species, too...waterfowl at the higher end, others at the lower end...but all can be incubated together.

Of course, I wouldn't be rolling quail eggs with emu eggs... that could be very messy...especially if the emu hatched first.

I hope this helps!
Barnwife is correct. The difference would affect tropical species such as Firebacks and Peacock-Pheasants. The temperate species, for which most of the common species are, would be no different than a normal fowl in an incubator.

We have golden pheasants,The hen has layed several eggs, she keeps scratching them out of the nest, Someone told DD that if a pheasant was in wire they would not set,does anyone know if this is true.

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